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Innova-Con Innovation Conference

by Langdon on January 25, 2015

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the world is changing, and quickly.  We took this photo in an airport a few years ago, and now here it is 2015 and lo and behold, they were pretty close to right on.  Perhaps this may stimulate you to ask yourself if you’re now prepared for 2020?  Of course this is in an ongoing effort for all of us – we read, study, dialog, and explore the future.  And many of us get a lot of value by attending conferences to learn the latest thinking and ideas from practitioners and thought leaders.

Coming up in a couple weeks is the Innova-Con Conference in Houston, held by the International Association of Innovation Professionals. It’s a great opportunity to learn the latest thinking from a very powerful group of innovation leaders in business, consulting, and academia.

Speakers will include leaders from Cisco, Oxford Creativity, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Vibram, BMGI, Fidelity, Illinois Toolworks, InnovationLabs, and a long list of others as well.

TRIZCON2015, the 14th annual international conference on TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) will be held in conjunction.

InnovationLabs is sponsoring the conference, and readers of this blog are eligible for a 10% discount on registration. Just enter InnovaLab15 in the discount box when you register.  See you there!



Suppose that you are a leader in your organization, and that you would like to unleash the creative potential of all the people throughout the organization.  Is that not one of your goals?  Almost certainly it is.  One of the most impactful actions that organizational leaders can take to do so is to examine the ways of working – how do we communicate, ideate, consider, decide, and innovate?  And what are the patterns and structures in our organization the enable innovation, and what are those that inhibit it?

A very fine book on this topic that we strongly recommend explores the topic of what the authors refer to as “liberating structures,” by which they mean those ways of working that enable people to be more effective at all of the highly complex cognitive tasks associated with coming up with useful new stuff – that is, with innovation.  Click here to check out the web site that promotes the book The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures.

These structures will certainly be essential for everyone working in the advanced economies of the world in the coming years, and The Economist has recently published a very fine overview of some of the key issues and challenges that we will be facing in the global economyTake a look at it here.

One of the economic processes that is essential today, and whose importance will only increase, is of course innovation.  If you are an innovation trainer, or an aspiring one, and you are in Thailand, you should definitely consider participating in the upcoming train-the-trainer course that will be held on February 28 and March 1, 2015 in Bangkok.  InnovationLabs Thailand is offering this course for all those who are interested in leading the unique InnovationLabs programs.  Please access additional information here.


Photo:  Downtown Bangkok, September 2014



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