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Creating the Innovation Culture

by Michael on November 20, 2007

Langdon has recently published a white paper called Creating the Innovation Culture – in which he outlines the different types of work that takes place in different parts of an organization and what each type of work contributes to forming culture. These distinctions are important to understand if an organization is going to build a culture of innovation.

From the white paper:

Such a culture can be recognized as an organization that is known externally in the marketplace as a genuine innovator, and equally that it is known internally among the people in the organization as a dynamic, innovation-friendly place to be.

Organizations that have attained this culture produce innovations of all types – breakthroughs, useful incremental changes, and even radically new ways of doing business, and they do so with regularity.

It is important to understand how different jobs in the organization have very important (and different) roles to play in creating such a culture.

The white paper is called: Creating the Innovation Culture: Geniuses, Champions, and Leaders.

We’ve also developed a seminar series based on the concepts expressed in this white paper. These seminars teach the critical skills and essential concepts that are the foundation of the innovation culture. There are three seminars.

The Innovation Leaders Seminar shows you exactly how to set the right policies so that innovation can flourish throughout your organization. Identify and remove the major obstacles to innovation, establish the right goals, and implement the best policy guidelines.

The Innovation Champions Seminar is ideal for managers who support innovation every day. It defines the essential practices needed to engage talented people in developing great ideas.

The Creative Geniuses Seminar explains the inside details of the innovation process. Learn how to see what others don’t see, where to look for new insights, how to turn insights into great ideas, and how to transform ideas into winning innovations.

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