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Concept Cards™ – Innovation Tool for Developing Insights

by Michael on August 14, 2010

In a recent newsletter I wrote about one of the tools we use in innovation consulting engagements to help client teams develop insights. The following short video will introduce you to Concept Cards™ – single frame documents that make complex concepts accessible and usable in the planning process.

Imagine having a hundred or several hundred concepts from in and around your business and industry, from the environment, from psychology, from business models, and from management theory to combine and recombine – to play with to stimulate creative conversation and insight. That could be invaluable to helping to create the innovative products and services needed to be a leader in your industry.

I’m interested in your feedback. What’s your first thought when you think of Concept Cards as an innovation tool?

and what’s your favorite innovation tool?

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Martin Krogh August 24, 2010 at 8:36 am

I am in the midst of developing a workshop on innovation. I have been looking at various tools out there that various organizations use to develop products and services for the future. One of those is IDEO’s methodology cards.

I have purchased there cards but am also very intrigued in yours concept cards but am still not exactly sure how they work, despite watching your video.

Do you have a few cards that I can see and a further description on how they work? I would certainly share the source of those cards in my workshop. Thank you.

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