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Creating Tomorrow, Geopolitics and Innovation

by Langdon on August 12, 2015

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A couple of quite interesting books to consider for your next visit to the beach …

The Accidental Superpower, by Peter Zeihan

Zeihan is a geopolitical consultant and strategist who brings a considerable depth of research and insight to key questions about the uncertainties of the future we face in the coming ten to twenty years.  Drawing on what appears to be a limitless foundation of research into dozens of important topics, Zeihan offers his views on the future of the economy, society, politics, and international relations.  He offers a compelling look at the key factors that have served to shape today’s world, and some fascinating extrapolations of current trends into the coming years, reaching some conclusions that are surprising, but also well-explained and certainly must be considered reasonable.  If you are interested in an expert’s views on the strategic horizon, this book will serve you well.

Making Innovations Happen, by Ravi Arora of Tata Group.

Arora provides a fine overview of many innovation tools and concepts, and his approach is to weave an exploration of methods into a story that describes two protagonists on the journey to define an innovation system for their company.  The fiction format allows Ravi to address the unknowns and ambiguities that are inherent in the search for innovation, and in the search for the right innovation processes and tools.  At the same time, he provides a quite thorough review of many of the best approaches and recent discoveries in innovation management, so if you’d like to explore a broad review of current thinking, this book may be quite helpful.


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