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About Us – Overview

Where Innovation Happens

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InnovationLabs is recognized as one of the world’s leading innovation consulting firms.  We bring the many dimensions of innovation together into practical understanding and meaningful action.

We offer a complete range of innovation services, and we  have an unparalled record of success in our projects.  Our clients say very good things about us, and our writings are some of the most admired in the innovation field.

Our Founders have more than 70 years of combined experience in every facet of innovation.

We work on every continent (including Europe, India, China, Africa, North and South America)  with all kinds of companies and organizations, on a tremendous range of projects.

The diversity of our clients and projects offers a clear and increasing advantage to each client, as we combine learnings gained in many industries to help build new breakthrough solutions in each one.

The name of our company was deliberately chosen.  We love innovation, and we work diligently to uncover innovative concepts, ideas, and practices.  Our values include continually striving to understand how people discover and develop better ideas, how people learn and work together more profitably and effectively, and how these interactions generate powerful breakthroughs.

Then we implement what we learn with our clients, and great things happen!

We’re in the ideas business.

We’re in the creativity business.

We’re in the strategy business.

We’re in the collaboration business.

We’re in the complexity business.

We’re in the solutions business.

We’re in the learning business.

We’re in the knowledge business.

We’re in the creating the future business.

InnovationLabs are the places where innovation happens.

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