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Collaboration Services Overview

Collaborative Design

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In today’s business environment the link between innovation and collaboration is becoming more and more apparent. The principals at InnovationLabs are experts at designing and facilitating collaborative processes to accelerate innovation – and we’ve mastered the art of using collaboration to address the most critical business and organizational challenges faced by executives, organizations, and industries.

Working together in carefully designed and managed workshops, people can solve complex problems and create breakthrough solutions in a fraction of the time. Our comprehensive approach to designing collaborative work provides a system that can support groups of people of various sizes to be highly productive. This is important because the next level of productivity gains will come from improving the way humans interact with each other.

Collaboration means people working together to achieve something that they cannot achieve working separately. All organizations are founded upon and persist because of their ability to foster collaborative work. Without this ability, organizations can achieve none of their aims.

Every organization in the world faces the problem of keeping pace with the rate of change in the external environment. This external environment can be exemplified by what we see in the business environment today: rapid change, increasing competition, shrinking cycle times, and more demand for innovation than ever before. This demand puts pressure on an organization to find ways of working that produce business value in shorter time periods than they are traditionally used to. Collaborative Co-creation is one of these new ways of working.

The growth and use of technology in the workplace has spurred much of the changes we are experiencing. Throughout the 1990’s and into the 2000’s there has been significant energy and focus given to the idea of collaboration however much of the implementation has been around the use of technological solutions to improve transactions. Improving transactions is only a small part of the gains that can be achieved by collaboration.

Most of the gains to be achieved through collaboration will come from collaboration between people, between departments, and between businesses or organizations and between industries. Until now, collaboration between people has primarily taken place in meetings or in ad-hoc gatherings “around the water cooler.” There are huge productivity and performance increases to be gleaned from improving the design and facilitation of meetings, off-sites, workshops and conferences – and the workplace itself – anywhere groups of people gather to learn or accomplish work.

InnovationLabs principles have more than 50 years (cumulative) experience in the custom design and facilitation of collaborative planning processes that achieve tremendous results in a short period of time.

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