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Collaborative Planning Processes

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• Collaborative Planning Processes • Facilitating Complex Projects

Accelerate the discovery of elegant solutions to complex problems.

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Do you face difficult challenges that require input from large populations of diverse (and often opinionated) stakeholders? Do you require a design process to create and evaluate possible solutions? Do you require stakeholders to become aligned around options, recommendations or decisions?

Suppose you could gather a team of people together to solve some of your most complex and difficult problems in a few days, rather than a few months. You can.


  • Breakthrough solutions
  • Ideas vetted from multiple perspectives
  • Months of work compressed into days
  • Alignment and buy-in by participants
  • Strong commitment to next steps
  • Ability to shift to immediate implementation
  • Effective cross-cultural collaboration
  • A deep understanding of complex issues
  • A positive and lasting impression

Collaborative Planning and Design Methodology

Our Collaborative Planning and Design Processes are carefully designed to create breakthrough solutions to the specific issues, problems, or opportunities that your organization faces. Using an approach to collaborative workshops that compresses many months of effort into a few days, groups of people examine the many facets of a complex situation, design specific solutions, and determine how best to implement them.

Our collaborative planning methodology engages large numbers of stakeholders in a collaborative design process that stimulates open dialogue, encourages innovation, evaluates options, and builds alignment around a plan to move forward. The process transforms people inside the organization into true experts by enabling them to fuse their discrete, individual experiences into broad and comprehensive solutions and turns an organization’s existing market knowledge into competitive advantage.

A Comprehensive Innovation and Collaboration Toolkit

  • Thoughtfully-structured activities enable participants to grasp critical new information including scientific research, trend data, and market intelligence, and then develop powerful new ideas.
  • Activities and exercises optimize individual and group creativity.
  • Multi-modal learning methods enable participants to participate in many ways.
  • Advanced group problem-solving techniques to help develop consensus on best options.
  • Built-in processes for modeling complex systems and solutions.
  • Co-creation by participants leads to alignment of diverse or competing stakeholder groups.
  • A proven approach to understanding change and anticipating future trends in society, technology, and competitive markets

Innovation Accelerator

InnovationLabs Collaborative Design and Planning Processes are an Innovation Accelerator. A company can engage a group of stakeholders to find superior innovative or improved strategies, products and processes, and bring them to market faster and with greater alignment and cohesion.

Our methodology works by using four integrated, reinforcing, nonlinear components:

  • We engage the necessary participants
  • We co-design the activities and the environment with them
  • We immerse the participants in the experience
  • We sequence and connect the activities with one another to generate variety with selection.

These four elements are processed simultaneously, in parallel. An aligned community and portfolio of responses emerges after a period of immersion.

These types of processes can be used for

  • Strategy formation
  • Scenario development
  • Product or service design
  • Process improvement, or to
  • Conceive and plan for any major initiative

These types of processes are also extremely valuable any time multiple stakeholders need to get together and plan. Whether these stakeholders are all internal to one organization, represent many organizations within an industry, or organizations from across industries, our collaborative planning and design methodology has a proven track record of producing results, accelerating productivity, and creating competitive advantage.

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