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What are the most important criteria for choosing an innovation partner?

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Is there any industry where innovation is unimportant?  We don’t think so. It’s probably the key to your firm’s competitiveness, and perhaps even to its very survival. But innovation can be very difficult to achieve.  It’s part strategy and part execution; part human and part technical; part creativity, part methodology, and a big part culture.  How do you put all of this together into one effective approach?

Breadth of Experience

InnovationLabs has worked with hundreds of companies in just about every industry and sector. We work globally and have worked with nearly every sector of the economy helping our clients collaboratively design the best future for their organizations.


InnovationLabs is recognized as one of the world’s leading innovation consultancies. The individuals and organizations we work with trust us with their most pressing business challenges and we consistently produce results we are proud of.


We bring the many dimensions of innovation together into practical understanding and meaningful action. Our clients produce results far beyond their expectations – accomplishing in days or weeks what would otherwise take months or years to realize.


Our methods work and the founders of InnovationLabs are accessible, personable, and extremely experienced with organizational and industry dynamics as well as the latest research on system, human behavior, economics, and society.

If innovation is important for you, then we can help you improve your innovation process, your innovation results, and ultimately your firms competitiveness.

Contact Langdon Morris by email at lmorris at innovationlabs dot com
or by phone: 925-980-6711

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