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Innovation Training and Certification

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Comprehensive Innovation Certification Programs

comprehensive innovation certification programsInnovationLabs offers the world’s most comprehensive program of innovation certification to prepare people from all fields to be successful innovators, contributors and leaders.

  • The Certified Innovation Professional™ (CIP™) program offers young professionals a unique and comprehensive introduction to the key fundamentals of the innovation field, and supports them in achieving innovation proficiency.
  • The Certified Innovation Manager™ (CIM™) program for those who lead innovation programs and projects within their organizations.  Candidates for this program generally have at least three years of experience and are now working as project leaders.
  • The Certified Chief Innovation Officer™ (CCIO™) program is for senior leaders who manage and direct innovation efforts across their entire organizations.

innovation training and certification

The program was created and designed by senior innovation specialist expert Langdon Morris.  Langdon is recognized worldwide as one of today’s leading experts, trainers, and writers on innovation.  His books on innovation are widely accepted as leading resources for innovators and innovation leaders.

comprehensive innovation certification program

A detailed workbook is provided for each program, which includes presentation materials, participant worksheets, hands on activities, and reference materials.  Workbooks are approximately 300 – 400 pages in length.

Those who wish to be certified will participate in 30 – 40 hours of training and complete the required readings, and then also complete the certification examination. Additional independent work is also required for the CIM™ and CCIO™ programs.

comprehensive innovation certification programsProgram segments have been successfully delivered over the last five years in public workshops in China, India, United States, France, Singapore, and Malaysia, and in-house sessions for dozens of leading companies worldwide, including Alcatel Lucent, EADS, France Telecom, Gemalto, General Electric, Glaxo Smith-Kline, GlobalSpec, Johnson & Johnson, Kone, St. Gobain, and at leading universities including Stanford University, University of Colorado, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Universidad del Belgrano, Chaoyung Institute of Technology, University of North Carolina, and Rochester Institute of Technology

Certified Innovation Professional™ (CIP™)

comprehensive innovation certification programsThe CIP Program is a comprehensive three and one-half day program that provides a complete introduction to the concepts and principles of innovation for young professionals and private sector and government workers in the first years of their careers. This program is also suitable for university graduates who are entering the job market.

The certification examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions and mini-case studies with analysis.

A special version of the program is provided for government employees, which includes a specific set of case studies.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CIP certification, participants must meet one of the following education/experience requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • An Associate’s degree and 1 year working experience
  • No degree and 4 years working experience

Certified Innovation Manager™ (CIM™)

The CIM™ Program is a comprehensive five day program that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to be an effective Innovation Manager.  The program consists of presentations, interactive activities, group discussions.

The certification examination consists of 200 multiple choice questions and mini-case studies with analysis.

A special version of the program is provided for government employees, which includes a specific set of case studies.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CIM™ certification, participants must have working experience at the professional/managerial level and meet one of the following education/experience requirements:

  • A graduate level degree, and 2 years  of working experience
  • A Bachelor’s degree, and 3 years of working experience
  • An Associate’s degree and 6 years of  working experience
  • No degree and 8 years of working experience

Certified Chief Innovation Officer™ (CCIO™)

innovation training and certificationAdvanced Principles and Policies for World Class Innovation Management

The CCIO™ Program is a comprehensive four day program that provides the participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective Chief Innovation Officer and innovation leader in their organizations.  Participating in this program will significantly advance the career of the participant.  Due to the nature of the program material, participation is limited to 20 persons per session.

The program includes interactive exercises, group dialog, individual work, independent study, practice sessions, and peer coaching.

The certification examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions and mini-case studies with analysis, along with an independent study project.

Eligibility Requirements

Project managers and leaders who are working in an innovation management position for no less than 3 years are welcome to apply for this program. A complete resume is required as part of requirements for the program.

comprehensive innovation certification programsTrain the Trainer Program

A train-the-trainer version of this program can be licensed from InnovationLabs.  Organizations wishing to partner with InnovationLabs to deliver this training suite in their own countries should please contact Langdon Morris.

Certified Innovation Professional™, Certified Innovation Manager™, Certified Chief Innovation Officer™, CIP™, CIM™, and CCIO™ are all Trademarks of InnovationLabs LLC.

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