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The Decades Ahead: Planning Innovation through Insight and Foresight

July 25, 2013

As innovation practitioners, we pay a lot of attention to the way society is changing, as innovations are generally developed in pursuit of specific strategic objectives that will certainly be significantly influenced by external events. Recently a number of interesting books have been published that examine the coming decades and have offered some useful insights.  […]

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Creativity and Innovation

July 6, 2013

The notion of “creativity” is an elusive but important one for the field of innovation.  Indeed, it is central to the principles and practices of innovation, for the innovation process can be readily understood as the transformation of an initial creative insight into some form of artistic, social, or business value. In this way, creativity […]

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High Risk Innovation: Risked Big, Lost Bigger

April 21, 2013

Ron Johnson, the former head of Apple’s magnificent and uber-profitable retail empire, left Apple to take over as CEO of JCPenney in late 2011.  Johnson was brought in to transform the staid and failing retailing giant into a modern retailer, but alas, his Apple Store mojo didn’t translate to well to the department store format, […]

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Innovation & Investment Insights: Big Change Coming

February 18, 2013

Conferences often provide great opportunities to get a lot of new information in a short amount of time.  This was exactly my experience at the IBF Corporate Venturing Conference, held February 11-13.  The conference brought together venture investors with corporate venture managers in a series of great discussions about the venture investment process, it’s risks, […]

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One-Tenth or TenX

January 28, 2013

The current issue of Wired Magazine (Feb 2013) has a very nice article about “big ideas,” which includes some thoughtful words with Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and now CEO on our favorite topic, innovation. “I worry that something has gone seriously wrong with the way we run companies. If you read the media coverage of […]

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Darth Vader Meets the Death Eaters

December 1, 2012

Disney recently announced the acquisition of the Star Wars Empire for a tidy $4 billion.  Bravo to George Lucas for creating a set of compelling characters and plot lines, which together seem like such a natural fit for Disney’s entertainment empire.  (But could Walt Disney ever have imagined owning Darth Vader??) The topic of this […]

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