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Innovation Portfolios

Innovation Portfolios

by Langdon Morris, Director, InnovationLabs


Innovation PortfoliosThe purpose of an Innovation Portfolio is to manage the risk inherent in innovation while optimizing the results achieved by innovation investments. As this is an approach that only makes sense in the context of the specific markets in which a given company competes, and in relation to the technology that prevails in a given industry, each company’s Innovation Portfolio will necessarily be different.

This document describes a process recommended for Innovation Portfolio management, defined as a series of key concepts that may be implemented in steps.


  • Purpose
  • The “Innovation Portfolio” Concept
  • Innovation Portfolio Management
    • Step 1: Model the Key Strategic Factors
    • Step 2: Define the characteristics or criteria
    • Step 3: Define the weighting
    • Step 4: Risk-Reward assessment
    • Step 5: Assess proposed new projects
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Conclusion
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