National Alliance for Physician Competence Discovery Workshop

Concept Cards

During the session the participants were introduced to the concepts of Complex Adaptive Systems through the use of a set of Concept Cards. These Concept Cards were created over the last seven years (between 2000 and 2007). The 42 concepts used during this workshop were selected from hundreds of Concept Cards developed from documenting presentations delivered at the Credit Suisse First Boston Thought Leader Forum and then the Legg Mason Thought Leader Forum.

The goal of the Thought Leader Forum is to unite Legg Mason clients with non-traditional thinkers who have had a significant influence on Legg Mason investment thinking and investment strategy. Legg Mason believes one of their critical competitive advantages is embracing mental models that lie beyond the world of finance and investing.

Download a 2.7megabyte PDF file which contains all 42 of the Concept Cards used during the Discovery Workshop.