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Driven to Death by the Rate of Innovation

September 18, 2014

We recently had a fascinating meeting with a prominent venture capitalist based in Palo Alto, and during the course of our conversation about the pressures that his portfolio companies are under he used a fascinating phrase to describe the tech industry as a whole.  He said that the lagging companies, many of which are not […]

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A Visionary’s Despair Creates Hope for a Better Future

August 18, 2013

While many of us admire the unconventional thoughts and unexpected ideas created by innovative and visionary members of society, and sometimes we envy their great intellect or deep insights, the life of a visionary has its own particular difficulties and challenges.  The unique quality of a visionary is a clear grasp of the future, but […]

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Changing Your Business Model; Maybe It’s Not So Easy to Do

May 28, 2012

Ron Johnson was a huge success at Target, and an even bigger success at Apple, where he led the company’s hugely profitable retail chain.  So last year when he was recruited to join JC Penney as CEO of the struggling chain, there were high hopes that his genius would translate into a big turnaround for […]

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When Desiging a Conference, Remember that Structure Wins

October 10, 2010

I’ve helped design a number of conferences over the years, often working with organizations who want to make significant changes to the format of their conference so that it can be more productive. I offer some options here that you may wish to consider for the design of small conferences (20-50 participants). Structure Wins The […]

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Predicting the Future: Trend Spotting Resources

March 8, 2010

Product Trends and Inspiration Most people who have been engaged in creativity and innovation, at some point, come to realize that cross pollination and lateral thinking are important sources for creating insights and generating breakthrough solutions to complex problems. I imagine most people have come to rely on particular resources for their inspiration and for […]

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The Future of Business Education

January 25, 2010

There has been a lot written about the rate of change and how the speed of change isn’t going to slow down any time soon. One of the impacts of this condition is the complexity of doing business in any industry or sector of society has increased. This complexity challenges every leader to develop new […]

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